Writing for screen

Scripts and screen plays – what is the difference between a script and screen play?

Scripts and screen plays have different purposes.


A script is a document that contains the dialogue actors perform with minimal stage directions, while a screenplay covers all actions and dialogue as they will be presented on film. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably as a script can be part of a screenplay.


A screenplay outlines how the narrative will be communicated to the audience through the language of film. It is a blueprint of the director's vision and can be used by the cinematographer to design the mise-en-scène.

Activity – Writing your script and screenplay

It’s time to apply what you have learnt so far in this project by bringing all of your ideas together and sequencing them into a script and screenplay. Let’s consider an example before you get started.

Person with clapperboard in front of a camera

Follow the screenplay as you watch The Interviewer.


The following resources may assist with scriptwriting and putting your ideas into screenplay format: