Pre-production brief

Create a pre-production brief

Creating a pre-production brief is a great way to focus on your ideas and requirements by synthesising everything into a single, easy-to-access document. It is essential that all team members share the same understanding of the intent and vision for the short film. A pre-production brief is a shared document that contains all the planning you have completed so far and be accessible to all team members to refer to as needed.

Your pre-production brief should include the following information:

  • a list of team members and the roles/responsibilities of each person
  • a description of the plot, including the climax or turning point and resolution
  • the screenplay
  • a detailed storyboard
  • character descriptions and moodboards
  • moodboards for the shoot locations.

Pre-production brief template

Here is a template you can download and use, duplicate slides as you need them.