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Access the ‘Post-production’ series of interviews and discuss the questions below. 





Video 7 glossary


carefully planning the order of events and tasks to achieve a project or goal


best performances of actors, the best takes


a sequence of events in order by date and or time


compilation of footage


a document that records information

Best takes

careful selection of the best footage for each portion of a film

Rough cut

first full draft of a film edit


video footage from another project that can be inserted into a film, such as providing an example or flash back

Temp music/temporary music

music added temporarily to the draft of a film to assist the editor with timing, or suggest emotion to the composer as they create new music for a film


draft edits of a film

Fine cut

version of a film in between rough cut and the final, locked edit; incorporates some music and sound effects as well as some careful editing of visuals and frames

Locked off

version of a film once the visuals have been finalised, ready for music and foley to be added

Sound design

sound effects, foley and noises for a film


music composed for a film


film music where you can see the source of the music or musicians on the screen as well as hear the music, such as elevator music or a character singing as part of the plot

Non diagetic

film music for which the musicians or sound source are unseen, such as background music

Online edit

another term for master file; finished product of a film

Master the film

exporting as a final film or master file


oversees the actors and technical crew in a film; person in charge of creative vision from during pre-production, filming and post-production of a film

Video timeline

function in video editing software that lets you arrange short portions of video in a row

Videos 8a-d glossary


large video files


when audio and visuals don't quite match due to complex computer processing; freezing or pauses created when digital files overload a computer's capacity

Edit houses

companies who cut and edit film footage


visual effects in a film


technical job - adjusts the colour and tones of a film


cleaning up backgrounds or tweaking the film's frame


carefully planning the order of events and tasks to achieve a project or goal


smaller file size


a short section or chunk of a film


type of camera angle used for one take of a dramatic scene


numbering system for reference when there is more than one recording of one scene


the visuals in one camera shot or view


watching all the takes of every shot, and taking notes on the preferred material


following as standard set of rules or processes


sub-conscious ideas, interpretation, responses or thoughts


choosing and connecting short sections of film


several different, short, related videos connected as a film sequence

Transitional tool

a way of linking together different scenes


link between 2 different sections of film, music, plot or stages of life

Continuity edit

matching an action across 2 different shots


set of instructions or rules; a list of different criteria or features

Rough assembly

earliest version of the film edit process

Selects assembly

more refined version of the film edit (compared to rough assembly)

White balance

something that is white in real life is made to look white on a film screen

Overexpose (light)

too strong or too much light entering the camera lens

Under expose

not enough light entering the camera lens


low quality images or random textures on a photo or film


with vivid colours


a variety of brown colours


applying finishing touches


  • What tips and techniques from Grace Eyre and Genevieve Clay-Smith are you going to adopt in your film?
  • How will you organise your workflow? Create a list of steps and processes that will help you and your team stay on track.
  • What are the common mistakes new editors make? How will you avoid making these mistakes?
  • How will you ensure your edits are in line with the intentions of the director and team?