Developing a pitch

Activity – writing a pitch

In the development phase, filmmakers often write an outline, treatment or synopsis to explain the main concept of the film and pitch it to producers to convince them to agree to produce the film. This outline can also act as an in-between step that expands on the original idea in more detail before the final script or screenplay is written.

Create a pitch for your film project that includes:
  • the film’s title
  • the genre
  • the logline (a one-sentence summary)
  • a one-page synopsis of the film’s overall concept, characters, and major plot points.
When producing the synopsis remember these tips:
  • Keep it simple.
  • Know your limitations and work within them.
  • Describe the action as it happens in each scene.
  • Create a response in present tense, from a third-person perspective.
  • Include a short, simple description of each character and location.
Example synopsis

After losing his parents and brother in 2 separate and equally tragic accidents, Hiro discovers his robotics project has been stolen. In the wrong hands this technology has the power to destroy lives and the city he calls home. Hiro is joined by his late brother's friends , in an epic adventure to stop the ill-willed thief and save those who have fallen victim to him along the way.