When working on a collaborative project, keeping a logbook is important for the organisation to be recorded and the process to run smoothly. It is a good idea to date each of your entries and refer to throughout each step in the filmmaking process.

Logbooks are a place to:

  • stay organised
  • paste research
  • keep minutes from production meetings
  • save copies of production schedules
  • store quotes or budgets
  • keep track of your goals, inspiration and ideas
  • sketch props or costumes
  • paste photos of lighting effects
  • save each version of your work in progress
  • save feedback from teachers, family and crew
  • keep a record of your individual contributions to the group project.

Activity – making a logbook

Person with a clipboard, standing in front of camera lighting

Use this PowerPoint template as a digital logbook, or create your own. You should aim to update the logbook regularly throughout the project – at least once a week. Duplicate each slide or add extra pages as needed.