What is a moodboard?

A moodboard is a visual tool that allows you to gather your aesthetic vision for your project. The moodboard should include a range of visual examples of how you want your film to look, from the colour palette to the production design. Consider how you will visually create the world your narrative is set in, such as locations and objects in the background. You can annotate your images with written descriptions to help your team members understand your ideas and vision.  See this example moodboard.

An example of a mood board, with images of people and words

Activity – making a moodboard


Use Canva for education or any other method of collecting ideas for your short film. These ideas will help to formulate your first draft.

Your moodboard might include:

  • a colour palette
  • animations that inspire you
  • lighting set-ups, hairstyles, makeup, and/or costumes that align with your film concept
  • ideas for props and setting
  • music that has the right mood
  • sound effects that could be reproduced
  • a basic story or atmosphere for the short film
  • a main character list and costume styling
  • description of the target audience
  • images of locations available to you.