Working within limitations

Activity – know your limits

In her interview 'Using film language to tell a story', we heard Genevieve Clay-Smith highlight the importance of keeping things simple. It is important to know your limitations so you can work within them to achieve a realistic, manageable and successful film project.

Resources might include:
  • technology and filming equipment (including cameras, lighting and sound recording)
  • cast/crew strengths, knowledge and skills
  • locations, props, costumes.
Limitations might include:
  • cast/crew availability
  • recording equipment battery life, continuous recording time, memory card size, download time
  • project timeline (how long you will be given to work through each phase of the process – development, pre-production, production and post-production)
  • festival limits (due date and short film time limits).
Person with a clipboard, standing in front of camera lighting

Download the table 'Know your limits' to create a list of the available resources and notes about when and how long you will have access to them.